NC State
Clint Stevenson Lab


Picture of the Clint Stevenson lab taken in December 2019.

From front left to right: Jessica White and Julie Yamamoto. From back left to right: Clint Stevenson, Katharine Clark, Stephanie Maggio, Gabriela Arteaga, and Nathaniel Powers.


  • Jessica White, Instructional Designer and Project Coordinator
  • Julie Yamamoto, Instructional Designer and Project Coordinar

Graduate Students

  • Stephanie Maggio, PhD Candidate
  • Katharine Clark, MS Student
  • Gabriela Arteaga, PhD Student


  • Chris Cheng, Senior Scientist, Pepsico
  • Caitlin Alberts
  • Kristen Saniga, Food Safety Field Inspector, Hissho Sushi, Inc.
  • Madhu Dutta, Quality Supervisor, Alamance Foods